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Hi! I'm Alison Elizabeth

Welcome to my blog! Please, call me Ali. Here's all you need to know: I can’t start my day without coffee and I’ve listened to the Hamilton Broadway soundtrack 1.2 million times. Oh I’m also obsessed with Star Wars! ✨

I'm best known for my prayer podcast - My Morning Devotional. I like to call it my 5 minute Daily Dose of Heaven! I attribute my success in business to putting my faith first. Check it out wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts 🎙

I have a passion for toxic free living and I mentor others along their journey through my community, the Rosewood Rebellion. We say yes to essential oils, sustainability, and other methods that keep us as healthy as we can. This is a progress over perfection journey, and I would be honored if you joined us!

In 2020 - I Co-Founded and became the COO of a Digital Marketing Agency. We are First Look Communications and we have a passion to help entrepreneurs triple their revenue through custom digital advertising strategies. 💰

But this right here, this is my website and blog, where I love to share new recipes, business tips, and travel adventures. ✈️ If you stick around long enough you'll see that I am always working on something. Who know's what's next, maybe it's the book I've always wanted to write! Either way, I am so honored you are here and I hope you can benefit from the things I share! Mi Casa Es Su Casa!

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